Shinshia, Inc.


Producing product equals producing good people ...

Shinshia ties people and companies through comprehensive human solution business. We plan to send well-trained excellent workers for low cost, high performance, and timely human resources utilization according to the customer's demand. Shinshia creates the best relationship of mutual trust based on “Wa” (harmony) and “Kyo” (collaboration), with peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity.

Company Name Shinshia, Inc.
Address 879-552116-1 Onise Hasama-machi Yufu-shi Oita-ken
Tel 097(583)6701
Fax 097(583)6711
Representative Masami Kiyohara
Foundation April, 1992
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Plottage 4,100 ㎡
Building area 2,620 ㎡
Employees 132 persons

Business content

Talented-people support, Operating contact, Deposition business

●general contracting (manufacturing/service) [contracting of all the operating and manufacturing business including design/development/physical distribution system]
●short-term contracting (general services)
[DAY-WORK system]...short-term contracting service
*With a one day notice, we commence human resource support on the next day
*flexible support period
*around the clock support time
*We guarantee to provide steady/prompt support with DAY-WORK system.

Reservoir cleaning agent "Pearl Green"

Pearl green was developed in order to safely and quickly drop dirt that hardly falls when cleaning the drinking water storage tank. We use all food additives as raw materials, so you can use it with confidence.