Environmental Initiatives

"Maximum reduction of power consumption"

A long-life LED light source is used for all the lighting energy used in each factory.
In addition to reducing CO2 emissions and power consumption associated with the adoption of LED lighting
Significantly longer life saves the hassle and expense of replacing luminaires.
LED light sources contain very little UV light, so
Insects are hard to gather, it is hard to spoil the aesthetics,
It may not use mercury, which is harmful to the environment.

"Maximize the reduction of defects and recycle everything that occurs"

In the manufacturing process of plastic products, various technologies and countermeasures are used to suppress the occurrence of defective products.
Inevitably, non-standard products with fine scratches and burrs may occur and fly.
The HOYO Group recycles (recycles) such non-standard waste plastics. Source) is in progress.
As a policy, it is said that the environmental load is lower than that of "thermal recycling".
Implement various initiatives to increase the ratio of "material recycling"
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