Ethics and compliance

Corporate ethicsactivities

We have formulated the HOYO Group Charter of Conduct, which embodies the HOYO Group's compliance (corporate ethics, compliance with laws and social contributions). This Charter of Charter establishes standards of actions to be followed in the course of carrying out daily work by all employees working in the HOYO group. The purpose of establishing this "HOYO Group Charter of Conduct" is to strengthen the character of ownership of society, that is, social existence, from private property as the scale increases. From this, companies will be required to realize the interests of stakeholders such as customers, employees, trading partners, and even local residents. Therefore, management has social responsibility to operate enterprises as such social existence. In order to further develop the HOYO Group in the future it is more than just mere compliance with laws and regulations to link the needs of various societies to value creation and market creation and to promote the synergistic development of companies and markets by the HOYO group We believe that it will greatly affect trust building and competitiveness improvement. As the starting point of compliance, there is a philosophy of "Contributing to society through fair and appropriate corporate activities", so in order to make efforts in line with this philosophy, "To be a company that contributes to society through fair and appropriate corporate activities" We clarify concrete behavioral standards and aim for further development by all our employees performing daily work in accordance with this behavioral standard.

HOYO Group Charter of Conduct

We declare that we will contribute to the realization of truly valuable society by practicing the "Charter of Conduct" that embodies the HOYO Group's compliance (corporate ethics, compliance with laws and social contribution).

1. We will abide by laws and regulations and internal discipline.

Regardless of domestic and overseas, we will properly understand the relevant laws and regulations and all our company's policies in the business activities of the HOYO Group and observe all internal disciplines.

2. We will not do conflict of interests.。

We will not do anything that conflicts with the HOYO Group, which profits the personal and third party's interests through our business and position.

3. We manage the company's property and confidential information appropriately.

We will not use the company's assets and funds except for the purpose of the company's business activities. We will not use the intellectual property attributable to the company for any purpose other than the purpose necessary for the company's business activities, or unlawfully obtain intellectual property of other companies or use it unfairly.

We will keep confidential and disclose, unauthorized use, except to disclose all information held by the HOYO Group to stakeholders involved in business at an appropriate time.

We will protect and manage your personal information of employees and personal information of employees gained in the process of business activities appropriately, use it for purposes other than purpose, and do not disclose or leak to third parties.

4. Think about your position and build a fair and fair relationship.

1) We provide fair and fair transaction opportunities with business partners, select suppliers based on reasonable judgment, and compel unfair trade conditions by using the position on the transaction We do not do the act etc etc.
2) We strictly refrain from acts that may cause misunderstanding, as well as illegal acts such as the company being criticized by society, inappropriate entertainment and gifts beyond social norms I will not act.

5. We will ensure transparency and accountability and conduct sound business activities.

1) We will disclose information based on facts in a timely and timely fashion for information on overall management, with the aim of fair and highly transparent corporate activities.
2) In order to gain customer trust, we will provide accurate information, we will take your opinions and requests seriously and respond promptly.
3) We will accurately and fairly record and report on facts based on appropriate accounting standards, we will not conduct illegal accounting practices.
4) When we encounter fraud / criminal acts (or things that are likely to be fraudulent) such as fraud and extortion, whether directly or indirectly in the course of carrying out our duties, we may contact the organized crime groups and social forces and organizations I will resolve with a resolute attitude, report it to the department head and department concerned, and take appropriate measures.
5) We do not disclose important information of suppliers strictly and not to those who are necessary for business performance (even by company colleagues and family members). In addition, insider trading will not be conducted until the information of suppliers is disclosed.

6. Respect human rights, create a workplace without discrimination and harassment.

We respect mutual human rights, we will not discriminate or harass for human rights, nationality, gender, religion, disability, age, origin or other reasons. Also, I will understand the various harassment correctly and try to prevent it.

7. We will work to reduce the environmental impact associated with our business activities and promote environmental conservation and protection.

In response to changes in social circumstances, we will voluntarily promote environmental improvement activities on a global scale and regions in the field of business activities.

8. We will strive to ensure safety and create a comfortable and dynamic workplace.

1) We will actively engage in responsible work so as to provide product safety in all fields of business activities such as production, product development, sales, service etc.
2) We will actively participate in activities such as seminars related to safe driving sponsored by the company as well as compliance with traffic rules, increase knowledge of traffic accident prevention, correct knowledge of driving and manner I will strive for safe driving that will become another example.
3) We will comply with laws and internal regulations concerning safety and hygiene, promote the safety and sanitary environment of the workplace, actively strive to prevent occupational accidents and health and to establish a comfortable working environment I will make an effort.

9. Practice the Charter of Conduct and report and consult if you have any doubts.

1) We will understand this "HOYO Group Charter of Conduct" correctly and will carry out duties in accordance with this Charter of Conduct.
2) We will report promptly if we detect suspicious activity in violation of this "HOYO Group Charter of Conduct". Understanding that not reporting itself will be a violation will be reported.