Koyo Green Foods Co., Ltd.


Vegetables that have fully absorbed the blessings of the earth in Kitsuki, Kunisaki, Oita. We deliver safe, secure and nutritious vegetables to people's dining tables all over Japan.

Company Name Koyo Green Foods Co., Ltd.
Address 873-0224 3434-65, Yamaguchi Aki-machi, Kunisaki-shi, Oita-ken
Tel 0978(67)2325
Fax 0978(67)2325
Representative Daiki Uehara
Area 80a
Business content   Produce of agricultural products
Product Small green onion

Continue to be an agricultural group that challenges new things
We are always aiming for the future. We will destroy the useless things, think about new methods and mechanisms, and grow agricultural technology.

Managing quality means fostering 'delicious'
We are particular about temperature and water temperature control to grow into delicious vegetables. Also, every day, we convert the quality record into data and create the best environment every season.

On the next day of the harvest, it remains fresh on the national table
Good environment within a 30-minute drive from Oita Airport for all farms