Paint & Printing

When did hasthe act of “coating” beginun? It’s not known exactly when, but it is assumed that the act of coating began as human beings started to produce tools. Initially, painting was for decorational purposes, and gradually it started to assume the role of protecting objects. Since then, a variety of uses d have been discovered for coating. And also, coating material has evolved and now, many products are being coated using various technologies. Even though much time has passed, the fundamental role of coating has not changed. HOYO has been striving after a higher grade of processing technologies for printing of important images including designs. Moreover, it is a factory earth friendly as the environment is considered and sewage and an organic solvent, etc. also do processing in accordance with ISO14001.

Paint Process

Just as assembling of camera parts, dust is detrimental to the coating process. In our factories, we have introduced a new and powerful facility called the “Three Coat Booth”. Inside the coating chamber is cut off from the outside world by an air shower and thanks to the Venturi Booth, sprayed coating particles do not become airborne. In a comfortable working atmosphere under this clean environment, our technologies shine much brighter.
HOYO Multi-color paint
HOYO Room booth
HOYO Pile paint
HOYO Spindle paint

Print Process

With the passing of time, resin-printing technology has improved dramatically. Different countries request different designs. In order to meet the needs, technological innovation for processes from flat surface printing to curved surface printing is constantly being sought.
HOYO Patt Printing Allows high precision printing as well as printing on a curved surface. Uncolored printing
HOYO Rotary Printing Allows high precision printing as well as printing on a curved surface. Four-color printing
HOYO Silk Printing Allows wide-scale printing, providing high wear resistance. Uncolored printing

Inspection Process


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