Assembly, Inspection & Shipment

As we are ahead of others in the use of the cellular manufacturing system, we became capable of satisfying the needs of high-mix low-volume production flexibly. Parts of the latest model digital cameras and digital video cameras are delivered from a parts production facility to an assembly facility. At the assembly facility, staff with professional expertise assembles the products. Cellular manufacturing system is adopted by the auto parts assembly shop so that parts are assembled into half units. As for the inspection line, strict quality policy and target values are set according to international ISO 9001, aiming at 0 PPM to maintain the quality of products. This is why our products are highly acclaimed for reliability by our customers.

Assembly process

While customer's diversification of needs is developed, flexible correspondence establishes a possible cell manufacturing system and is developing production activities in high-variety low-volume manufacturing and a fluctuation of the production. Improvement and a simple mistake prevention tool, etc. for the productivity improvement to fit a severe quality standard, by which wisdom and technology were used, everywhere, it's introduced and customer satisfaction (the quality and cost due date) is achieved.

Testing process

Only the employee who selected a suitable person and did special education and authorized the talent with the excellent sensitivity and sensitivity also is engaged and shuts outflow of nonconforming item out at the inside of the company as the previous last fort where a product is delivered to a customer. Activity that I was always conscious in a quality policy and a quality target is being developed with the standard of ISO9001.

Product shipment

When a customer needs a product via assembly process⇒ testing process, the necessary quantity is packed politely, and takes scrupulous notice and goes in order to deliver it safely. Part quantity stock, a production plan of an assembly process and inventory control are also charged with the role as a control tower in a factory in order also to correspond to a request of an outbreak.

Company and Factory of Assembly, Inspection and Shipment