Community sports activities

Verspah Oita

HOYO FC was launched in 2003 with the goal of "community-based activities." The initial goal was to promote the Kyushu League, but thanks to the efforts of the players and staff, mainly employees, we were promoted to the JFL Japan Football League in 2013.

Balancing soccer and work
We are focusing on improving the working environment so that players can devote themselves to soccer, and many players are engaged in soccer activities while working at factories or related companies.

24th JFL Japan Football League Championship
At the 24th JFL in 2020, when the new Corona Severe was held, we achieved the feat of winning the JFL, which was a long-cherished wish, and the team and company officials were delighted.
HOYO The members at the beginning of 2003 are now the main members of each factory.
HOYO Share the joy with the supporters and photos of the JFL victory
HOYO Champion flag
Junior team / ladies team
We are also focusing on promoting soccer for local children. Approximately 150 local children belong from kindergarten to the upper junior high school age. Some of the graduates have joined the Verspah Oita top team and belong to the J.League club.
Ladies: Kyushu Women's Soccer League
Affiliated players: 25 people
There are official games in each prefecture of Kyushu. We are active
with the support of sponsor companies in Oita prefecture.
Junior / Junior Youth
Affiliated players: 60 people
Mainly elementary and junior high school students from Oita City and Yufu City belong to this group. Each person has a goal and is instructed to acquire not only soccer skills but also manners, rules, and compassion for people.

Community contribution activities by the team
We value communication with local people by participating in cleaning activities in municipalities in Oita Prefecture and participating in local festivals.