About HOYO

Company name
Hoyo Seiko Co., Ltd.
Masami Kiyohara
October 1, 1977
88 million yen (as of March 31, 2021)
Number of employees
375 people (as of March 31, 2020)
Annual sales
8.2 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2020) Toyo Seiko only
main office HOYO 454-1, Akimachi Osoe, Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture 873-0223
Representative number
How to access
About 15 minutes by car from Oita Airport
About 7 minutes by car from Aki IC
About 17 minutes by taxi from Kitsuki Station
Amount of sales
Quality policy
Activity philosophy
We strive for solid production and management in our production activities, aiming to be a company that can contribute to the happiness of all group employees, the sustainable growth of the company, and the local community, as well as the improvement of customer satisfaction.
Therefore, all employees including the president will actively work on the establishment and operation of the quality management system and its continuous improvement in the spirit of "cooperation, responsibility, and compassion."

quality policy

"Provide products that satisfy customers."